2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Solar Energy (ICESE 2015)
Building on the success of the 2014 conference and the global interest in solar energy, the University of Tehran proudly hosted the ICESE-2015. The conference brought together renowned academics, industry experts, and researchers from across the globe to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge in the fields of energy science and engineering.
ICESE 2015 attracted a diverse range of participants from countries including Turkey, Italy, Iraq, Canada, Germany, and many more. This international representation enriched the conference discussions and provided valuable insights into the diverse approaches to energy challenges and opportunities worldwide.
In addition to the stimulating presentations and panel sessions, ICESE 2015 featured an engaging exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in solar energy technologies. Renowned companies from the solar energy sector presented their innovative products and services, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the industry's cutting-edge developments.